Queer Books Roundup for your Pride Reading

Sorry, probably should have written this closer to the beginning of the month, Happy Pride!

This is a compilation of books I’ve read recently. There's a separate section for books that came out this year, because I know they may be harder to get ahold of from the library. There's also a section for books that I'm looking forward to.

I will note, that while I tried to prioritize writers I knew were queer, not everyone on this list openly identifies as queer, or has very little information about them. This could be a problem with, say, mlm romance novels, but you need to keep in mind that unless you are Nicholas Sparks, who doesn’t count himself as publishing romance anyway, it seems books that are under a feminine-sounding name sell better.

Also, on that note, some of these writers are writing outside their experiences (or at least seemingly are), with a feminine name writing mlm, but I am not trying to police identities, so keep that in mind while you look at the list. If it’s a problem for you, you may want to find a stricter list. Worrying about fetishization is a valid concern, and while I don’t think any of these came off as fetish-y, your mileage may vary!

With that out of the way, let's go:

Queer Fiction (Released Previous Years):

Queer Fiction (Released This Year):

Queer Comics (No separation)

Queer Books I am Excited About or Have not Finished:

And that's all! I hope for twice as many queer books to write about next time. Please let me know if you have recommendations.

Feel free to at me on the Fediverse, please provide context though.